Politics of Oil and Nuclear Technology in Iran

Politics of Oil and Nuclear Technology in Iran

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On July 7, 2023, the Iran 1400 Project spoke with Dr. Akbar Torbat about his book Politics of Oil and Nuclear Technology in Iran. Dr. Torbat traced the history of the oil and nuclear industry in Iran and highlighted its complicated relationship with Western powers. He discussed a wide variety of key events, from Great Britain’s establishment of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company to the United States’ imposition of sanctions on Iran in response to its nuclear program. Dr. Torbat provided his observations on the distribution of oil wealth and proposed potential measures to better benefit the Iranian people. In addition, he shared his perspectives on the potential path ahead for Iran’s oil and nuclear sectors and offered insights into how that could be achieved.


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Akbar E. Torbat is Adjunct Professor of Economics at California State University, Los Angeles. USA. He has also taught at the University of California - Los Angeles and the University of Southern California. He has published many scholarly articles in academic journals such as The Middle East Journal and The World Economy.

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