Abbas Amanat - Calendar, Memory and Identity

In this Spotlighting an Author event, Abbas Amanat will discuss about “Calendar, Memory and Identity”.


Friday, March 11, 2022 at 1:00 pm EDT


In his forthcoming Historiography and Reconstruction of Iranian Identity (تاریخ نگاری و بازیابی هویت ایرانی) Abbas Amanat examines the historical dimensions of Iran’s ancient solar timekeeping, as marked by the Nowruz festival, and its centennial this year as Iran’s official calendar. He argues that despite clashes with the lunar Shi’i calendar, but also in coexistence with it, this solar calendric memory endured and served as an important vehicle for the reconstruction of Iranian modern identity.


About Abbas Amanat

Abbas Amanat is William Graham Sumner Professor Emeritus of History at Yale University. A graduate of Alborz high school, he received his B.A. from Tehran University in 1971 and his Doctorate of Philosophy from the School of Oriental Studies, University of Oxford, in 1981. He taught at Yale University between 1983 and 2021. He has written about early modern and modern history of Iran, the Middle East, the Muslim world and the Persianate world.

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