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The arrival of the year 1400 ushered in a new century in the Solar Hijri calendar, and Iran may be on the cusp of generational change. Continuing misunderstandings and turmoil taint the mutual perceptions between America and Iran, influencing the policies each country adopts. At this uncertain time, the Iran 1400 Project believes there is a need to foster deeper reflection on Iran’s past, its future trajectory, and the aspirations of the Iranian people.

What do Iranians See as a Viable Future?

The mission of the Iran 1400 Project is to encourage a conversation, rather than shouting and posturing, among Iranians and interested observers. It’s an attempt to make a constructive contribution to understanding Iran, to educate people broadly about Iran itself, and to encourage the Iranian people to reflect on what future they want.

The Iran 1400 Project is a project under Iran 1400, Inc, a registered 501c. It is an endeavor with no political aspirations. Its purpose is to build and host a body of knowledge; a mosaic of evaluations of the challenges and the possibilities facing Iran as it navigates this new century.

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The Iran 1400 Project invites scholars, experts, and intellectuals to share their assessment of the evolution of institutions and ideas during the past 100 years to inspire a vision of Iran in the 1400s.

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