What Iranians Want: Women, Life, Freedom

What Iranians Want: Women, Life, Freedom

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On December 15, 2023, the Iran 1400 Project spoke with Dr. Arash Azizi about his book What Iranians Want: Women, Life, Freedom. Dr. Azizi discussed the inspiration for the book and what the Woman, Life, Freedom movement represents for Iran. He elaborated on potential shifts in Iran that could advance the movement’s objectives, stressing the crucial role of Iran’s environment in both the cause and the lives of its people. Additionally, he discussed potential pathways for the removal of the Islamic Republic’s government and explored the defining traits of a “revolutionary” movement. He ended by analyzing the Ra’isi administration and the insights it provides into Iran’s government.

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Arash Azizi is a Senior Lecturer with a joint appointment in history and political science at Clemson University. His writings and commentary on politics, history and cinema have appeared in numerous outlets from the New York Times to the Washington Post. He is the author of “The Shadow Commander: Soleimani, the US and Iran’s Global Ambitions” (Oneworld, 2020) and "What Iranians Want: Women, Life, Freedom" (Oneworld, 2024.)

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